11 JANUARY 2020

12 JANUARY 2020

Two promotional days to present our new section dedicated to hiking, to introduce you to our working method, based on passion, curiosity and the desire to discover new adventures!

DAY 1:

Excursion in the inland of Finale Ligure, between the woods and the rocks of this area, rich in historical and naturalistic interest.

Start: 10.30 a.m.

Difficulty: E, excursion is suitable for everyone

Journey time: 3/4 hours

 At the end of the excursion (day 1), a small aperitif will be offered at Rockstore in Finalborgo, to thank you for your participation and to have the opportunity to present our activities to you!

 DAY 2:

Excursion to Monte Carmo, one of the most rightly known peaks of the Ligurian West Coast, with a pit stop at Pian delle Bosse Hut.

Start: 9.00 a.m.

 Difficulty: EE, basic physical preparation

 Journey time: 5/6 hours

Reservations are required in order to better organize the days!


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