7 – 11 October 2020

Five days of hiking immersed in 360 ° on the west coast of Liguria, between sea and mountains, between prehistory and history, between beauty … and only beauty …

Start: Boissano or Toirano
Route: ∼50 km
Difference in altitude: ∼ 2500 m overall
Difficulty: medium. There are no technical difficulties along the way and for this it is suitable for everyone, but requires a training base to be able to walk 5 consecutive days (possibility of adding a light training program starting from a month before departure).
Peaks reachable: Mount Ravinet and Mount Carmo.


The beginning of our crossing will be with 360° sea view!
The first day of the walk will be the most demanding, but there will certainly be plenty of opportunities to give yourself some obligatory stops to savor the landscape and catch your breath: San Pietrino and the Abbey of San Pietro ai Monti enrich our first day of interest. The first stop will be at the Pian delle Bosse refuge, for a special start!

We will then make a link with the high route of the Ligurian mountains, along wide and never too impervious paths. You will pass through wonderful birch and beech woods with a truly fairytale atmosphere.

The route will be a semicircle that will lead us from the sea to the mountains, then return once again to the sea, along part of the via Julia Augusta, a Roman street on which there are still some Roman bridges in perfect condition and still in use, it will therefore not be only a wonderful journey, but also a journey through history, which also interests us in PREhistory, since the Manie cave, the last added stop, is one of the most interesting archaeological sites in the Finale area!

Price: 200 each
The price does NOT include transportation, food and accommodation.
Hut: ∼ 45 €


The “TREKKING ON THE SEA” is part of a line of twinned paths, Società Guide Alpine, together with Dolomiti Beat, which operates in the Dolomite territory, has created a combined proposal in which we offer a trekking by the sea and one in the mountains, in in this case one on the west coast of Liguria and one in the Dolomites, it is possible to participate in only one tour or both with a discounted price. Among “our proposals” you will also find the details for the “trekking in the Dolomites”.


  • Sturdy trekking shoes or mountain boots
  • Clothing suitable for the season (will be communicated)
  •   30/40 lt backpack
  • Personal underwear spare clothing
  • Rain jacket
  • Sack sheet for overnight in shelters. Water or other drinks, packed lunch for the first day and some snacks. In the refuges it will be possible to take advantage of the half board service and the preparation of the packed lunch for the following day

How can I pay for the tour?

It is necessary to pay a deposit for both treks The board and lodging services will be paid individually on site The deposit requested is 180 € / person to book one of the two treks, to book both the deposit is 270 €. Places are limited (max 16 people)

Is booking mandatory?

Absolutely yes, reservations are required. Registration will close when 16 members are reached. The reservation is considered blocked upon payment of the deposit. The refuges in these places and in this season are very crowded, so reservations need a lot of advance.

You can do this by contacting:

Liguria contact person:

Società Guide Alpine Finale

Tel. +39 392 63 13 606


Dolomiti contact person:

Dolomiti Beat

Tel. +39 328 1822459



However, both treks can be booked from both contacts!

Booking deadline for Liguria: March 21, 2020

Booking deadline in the Dolomites: May 21, 2020

In general, registrations will close when 16 participants are reached

What happens in case of bad weather?

In the event of total impossibility in carrying out the trip safely due to adverse weather conditions, the trip may be canceled or modified and part of the deposit will be returned less the living management costs. Due to particular weather conditions, the trip may undergo changes, even during the course, to the pre-established route.






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