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An itinerary of satisfaction!

Alpine meadows and karst phenomena dominate the landscape and the environment that is covered. Its name derives from the nearby Passo delle Saline, which was once a passageway for the salt trade between Piedmont and Liguria. It is a beautiful walk in a mountain environment, here the alpine flora always gives emotions with wonderful expanses of rhododendron and species of all kinds, gentians, edelweiss, nigritelle …


Starting place  Carnino Inferiore

Hours:  ∼ 4 ore di salita alla cima. In totale ∼ 7 ore

Drop: ∼1200 m

Price 20 euro a testa 

Transport is NOT included in the price

Starting time  8.30 

Further dates will be entered on request

Reservations are required in order to better organize the days!


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