As all lovers of mountaineering will know, you can’t joke with the mountains and that’s why we thought of offering you a short experience to summarize what is essential to know or remember before embarking headlong on our mountaineering adventures!

Four proposals 2021

1) April 18: Rock crest in Rocca dell’Aia

2) May 2: Snow channel in the Ligurian Alps

3) May 8: Canale dei Genovesi

4) May 15: Normale alla Provenzale


We want that you discover the beauty of mountaineering “behind the house”, so that everyone, despite the difficult period can give themselves a little adventure. The basic safety concepts and progression techniques in the mountains will be developed. The lessons will be developed in the field and will concern the following points: materials | knots and ties | prevailing danger concept crevasse recovery crest progression | slope progression | progression with shots …


1) 130 € per person

2) € 140 per person

3) € 150 per person

4) € 150 each

Prices do not include travel expenses (including the guide) and any room and board



  • The equipment will be partially supplied by the Alpine Guide Company Finale, but everything that is personal must be owned by the customer
  • We will give the opportunity to participate in the whole course in full or only at the weekend 
  • For each weekend the minimum number of participants is 2


Contact Società Guide Alpine Finale for more information




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