Walking, what’s more beautiful?

Walking in the mountains!

Move and breathe in a wild, rich, harsh environment, the same environment in which wolves live, the same environment in which edelweiss grow, the same environment that comes alive at night, shaken by the wind and animated by animals in search of food

Hiking allows us to discover something new every time, walking and retracing the same path, you could be surprised every time by something different, which was not there the previous time!

Hiking allows us to understand the value of nature, its strength and the value of being able to live by respecting it; it will no longer be necessary to talk continuously, it will no longer be necessary to bring home the torn flower or the mineral unaltered from the wall, there will be enough to be there, in the mountains, it will be enough to feel its essence, it is then that we will feel free

WHO’S AMM (Accompagnatore di Media Montagna=Mid Mountain Guide=Trekking guide)?

The Mid-Mountain Guide (AMM) professionally carries out the accompanying purchase in the mountain territory, in Italy and abroad, without height limits, where there are no mountaineering difficulties (in this specific case we speak of the accompanying of the mountain guides).
The AMM is an experienced professional, a safe conductor, the voice for excellence of green tourism on mountain terrain, the eco-compatible and sustainable one. Its activity favors a tourism characterized by a high environmental quality.
To the knowledge of the mountain environment, taking advantage of the theoretical in-depth analysis, the study of the territory and the constant frequency of the mountain, there is a competence on the motor techniques of walking, materials and tools that are employed in the hiking progression.
The theoretical notions on natural topics ranging from zoology, botany, geology and then cultural, with elements of history, art, culture and local traditions are also relevant and will be share with customers during the excursion.
All this, however, preceded by an indispensable set of tricks that must guarantee safety, a familiarity that passes through the attitude, behavior, intervention but also through the notions of sports and mountain medicine, first aid, excellent knowledge of mountain environment, great experience and important orientation skills.


The practice of the profession of Mid-Mountain Guide (AMM) is subject to the achievement of the qualification and registration in the special list of mid-mountain guides for which the Regional College of Alpine Guides is responsible.

(Law 2 of January 1989 no. 6, article 2, paragraph 1, and articles 21 and 22)

(depending on the seats)

Possibility to make monthly season tickets to excursions


Monthly package of excursions for every Sunday. They will be hiking trails suitable for all lovers of outdoor walks and succulent meals at the hut!


Single exit 18,00 per / person

Monthly (4 Sundays) 65,00 per / person

It is an excursion program for all those who love the mountains and who want a fixed appointment to walk in company enjoying 100% nature and landscapes!

From January to April.


Tuesday (exit) and Thursday (exit)

Monthly price 50,00 per / person

For those who want to keep fit and breathe clean air!

With two weekly outings you will quickly notice the benefits for the body, but also for the mind, an activity designed for those who work in the office and do not have much time to devote themselves; alternatively or in parallel to the gym we offer you two outputs to disconnect from everyday thoughts and let off steam.

On Tuesday, appointment at 6.30 and on Thursday, appointment at 18.30 for a nice walk before and after work.

Training duration: 1.00 hour


Monday (exit)
Wednesday (exit)
Thursday (exit)

Monthly price 60,00 per / person

For those aiming high and wanting to keep fit and / or prepare for the summer mountain walks we have designed a three-day training program: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 18.00.

Training duration: 1 hour


It is a line of trekking designed in collaboration with Dolomiti Beat, to bring together capacity, opportunity and “mountain fantasy”! 

Our territories are mostly Mediterranean and hiking with a view to the sea is undoubtedly our strong point, while Dolomiti Beat, as you have already understood, concentrates its activities among the wonderful Dolomite mountains, we then invented this beautiful possibility: twin some multi-day tours proposing a trekking to the sea and one to the mountains!

For spring / summer 2020 we offer a wonderful combination:

1) Trekking on the sea: http://www.guidefinale.com/trekking-on-the-sea-by-twinning-for-trekking/?lang=en

2) Trekking in the mountainshttp://www.guidefinale.com/trekking-in-dolomites-by-twinning-for-trekking/?lang=en




This is a trekking line designed in collaboration with Giulia from Trek & Smile. Me (Micol) and Giulia are Mid Mountain Guide – AMM – as well as colleagues, but above all friends!

Micol of Società Guide Alpine Finale and Giulia of Trek & Smile, we are two young women unite with a passion for the mountains, which we have decided to become our job, by embarking on a professional training course with the Veneto Alpine Guides College, which has thus led us to the launching pad for this new adventure !!!

It has been an intense year, full of emotions and which has required sacrifice, courage and determination, it has asked us not to give up, to believe in ourselves … until the end.
Thus was born our all-female project, to prove the courage of women.

It is not true that courage is not a woman. It is not true that strength is not a woman. “Go” less.

Sometimes it’s just insecurity, fear of being judged, fear of not making it … sometimes you don’t understand what it is, but surely, sometimes, it takes very little to learn to fly…

For spring / summer 2020 we offer:

Selvaggio Blu… in pink! The trekking to discover Sardinia!

click on the link for all the details or look among “Our proposals”



Traversiamo is a collection of the most beautiful crossings of several days, in the mountains, but not only!

  • Alpi Liguri
  • Alpi Marittime
  • Elba Island crossing
  • Alpi Apuane

Let’s start with a wonderful trek:



From excursions of a few hours to entire weekends in the mountains, for those who want to discover nature and experience it, getting excited every day!

Look among “Our Proposals” or click the following links!



Our Proposals