“He dreamed of high rocks, open spaces and sky above his head. Without it, he was sad. “
“The eyes of the forest” Mauro Corona

Here is our first mountain course! A new way to bring anyone who is fascinated and has ever dreamed of living the essence to this world of exploration and adventure!

It is a program designed specifically for those who want to get to know the mountains and get closer to its disciplines: from hiking to mountaineering in four intense and interesting outings in the environment, through which anyone can enter to start discovering the secrets of going to the mountains !
• Theoretical lesson
• Hiking excursion focused on orientation with map, compass and GPS.
• Start-up exit when climbing, how to proceed safely on difficult terrain
• Two days of mountaineering between the glacier of the European Colossus, Mont Blanc.

The Mountain course is a program held and managed by mountain professionals: Mountaineering Guides and Trekking Guides.

PLAN (two possibilities)


✔︎ May 7: Theoretical lesson
✔︎ May 8: Hike
✔︎ May 14: Start climbing
✔︎ May 28-29: Start of mountaineering, based at the Torino Refuge


✔︎ June 18: Theoretical lesson
✔︎ 19 June: Hike
✔︎ June 26: Start of climbing
✔︎ 9-10 July: Start of mountaineering, based at the Torino Refuge

Materials needed: Suitable technical clothing, boots, glacier sunglasses
Possibility to rent the technical material: spades, crampons, helmet, harness …
Level required: None
260 euro
Travel, board, lodging and Skyway expenses (including guides) are not included in the price
For all information regarding prices and organization contact us!

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