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Società Guide Alpine Finale born from our great passion for the rock of Finale and the fascinating history of this territory.


Vertical experiences


Our goal is to provide experience, professionalism and love for mountaineering in all its forms, to give you unique emotions in beautiful places, typical of our Mediterranean environment. Together with Società Guide Finale we will discover that Finale Ligure is the beginning of endless sensational adventures.

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Società Guide Alpine Finale?

An outdoor serviceat your disposal

UIAGM Certificate Alpine Guides

This certification is extremely important, in fact, being UIAGM certified guides guarantees to those who choose the Alpine Guide Society that the outdoor experience is carried out with the utmost professionalism, following all the safety rules useful to significantly reduce accidents in this type of activity.

Always at your service

We are the reference point for outdoor outdoor! A dynamic information office, always available and professional.
We have a mail service and a dedicated phone number that allows us to help you at any time! Contact us for more information !!! You can find us physically at the ROCKSTORE store


Above, where your dreams come

We have learned to dream and now who stops more? Thanks to Società Guide Alpine Finale we will provide you with expert and specialized Alpine Guides that can accompany you right where your dreams would come!

The most beautiful sectors of Finale Ligure

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