Multipitch climbing





What is multipitch climbing?


Climbing multipitch is climbing on routes that develop on several successive rope pitches…



In these wonderful cliffs you will find classic and numerous modern lines. Walls of Finale Ligure are not very high so routes are not too long, but the environment and the beauty of climbing make multipitch climbing  one of the strengths of vertical sports in Finale.



Routes are often equipped or re-equipped with modern material (resinated taps) but there are still routes that are equipped in a classic way (nails, hourglasses and old bolts).


Here are the most famous cliffs, but not the only ones:

Rocca degli Uccelli: a recently rediscovered historical sector; climbing is prohibited in this sector from 1 January to 31 July.

Monte Cucco: in the history of the Finale Ligure there is certainly this sector, these are historical routes and the material in place is consequently.

Rocca di Perti: two faces, north and south rich in routes; many classics and some modern lines; several routes with moderate difficulty.

Bric Pianarella: the highest wall of Finale, great aerial climbing, for many but not for all.

Capo Noli: A unique spot! Finale’s longest routes winds across a few meters from waves.

Scoglio del Butto – Rocca dell’Aia (Loano):

for those who are fed up with limestone and crushes, routes with a decidedly mountaineering flavor but with a fantastic sea view.

Rocca dell’Ulivo (Toirano): of more recent discovery, vertical and rather demanding routes.

Bric di pianarella


1 participant : € 260.00

2 participants: € 135.00 each

With this choice you can climb one of the classic medium difficulty routes such as Grimonnet, INPS, Pajer which date back to the famous “paretone”.

For more demanding routes, request a quote.

DIFFICULTY’: Routes present a difficulty varying from medium to difficult depending on the chosen itinerary

DURATION: the ascent of routes that we propose may vary from 4 to 6 hours, but may vary

DROP:  200 m max

DEVELOPMENT: the maximum development of the proposed routes is 240m

Multipitch Half day

Price to be divided among participants : € 170.00

This option allows you to climb a short route (3/4 shots) or concatenate two short routes according to the difficulty and level of the group.

DIFFICULTY: Routes present a variable difficulty, based on the chosen route. Possibility for all levels of climbing.

DURATION: half a day (4 hours)

DROP: max 200m

DEVELOPMENT: the maximum development of the proposed routes is 200m

Special Capo Noli

1 participant : € 260.00

2 participants: 135 each

One of the climbing routes that is the symbol of Finale Ligure

The traverse of Capo Noli, an unmissable opportunity for climbers from around the world

DIFFICULTY: The traverse is a path of medium difficulty, it is also possible to cover only the simplest section

DURATION: the route can last from 4 to 6 h, but it is variable

DROP: at sea level, ZERO height difference

DEVELOPMENT: the classic itinerary develops horizontally for 500m, and even partially passable

Rocca Dell'Aia Scoglio del Butto

1 participant : €  260.00

2 participants:  135.00 each

Environment with a mountaineering flavor, a climb from limestone to quartzite, a spot at around 700 m altitude in the Loano hinterland

DIFFICULTY: interesting choice between medium-low difficulty routes

DURATION: 6 / 8 h

DROP: max 100m

DEVELOPMENT: the maximum development of the proposed routes is 300m

Società Guide Alpine Finale also offers other sectors:


Rocca Degli uccelli 

Rocca Dell’Ulivo 

Rocca di Perti 

Monte Cucco