Adventure Trails

What is the adventure trail?

Finale and its caves

The hinterland of Finale has the typical characteristics of the karst territories, in fact there are numerous caves in this territory.

In this adventurous itinerary you will be able to visit these miracles in the nature, through a rappel, cableways and climbing in the most beautiful places of Finale Ligure.

These routes are particularly suitable for groups and families. In the case of the Pollera cave and the Fate cave also on rainy days.

Which kind of equipment do you need?

Clothing and footwear: normal clothing and light hiking shoes are sufficient.

The Pollera and the Fate caves can be muddy at times. Ask the guide for information. All the equipment necessary for the safety of the participants, such as a helmet, harness, carabiners and climbing shoes, will be supplied by Società Guide Alpine Finale.

Edera cave

The Edera Cave deserves special mention because it is the culminating point of the adventure trail, a particular excursion suitable for small and large groups.

An outdoor activity also suitable for schools.

It takes place in one of the most varied and interesting areas of Finale due to the beauty of the landscape and the presence of points of natural and historical interest.

Crossing the Edera cave with the spectacular initial descent (or alternatively with a fun cableway) will be an unforgettable experience for adults and children



 € 35,00 each (5 participants)

Price includes equipment, the Mountain Guide Guida UIAGM and the RC insurance.

DIFFICULTY: the experience can be medium / simple based on the path chosen. The activity is also suitable for children.

DURATION: the activity lasts half a day

DROP: The route has a height difference of 250 m

DEVELOPMENT: The path develops for a length of 1500 m

PROGRAMMA COMPLETO                                                                           “GROTTA DELL’EDERA”

 La GROTTA DELL’EDERA                                                                                       una merviglia finalese

Some other caves of Finale 

Grotta della Pollera

Durata: mezza giornata per il percorso base con un gruppo fino a 6 persone.

Impegno: medio, corde fisse e alcune brevi e facili calate

con minimo 5 partecipanti : € 34.90 / persona

copresa attrezzatura, accompagnamento Guida Alpina Esperta certificata UIAGM e copertura assicurativa

Grotta delle Fate

Durata: 3 ore compreso l’avvicinamento

Impegno: basso, adatto anche ai più piccoli

Costo: 24.90 a persona (minimo 5 partecipanti

con minimo 5 partecipanti : € 24.90 / persona

compresa attrezzatura, accompagnamento Guida Alpina Esperta certificata UIAGM e copertura assicurativa