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Vertical experiences

The Società guide Alpine Finale  is the reference point in and around Finale for professional guided climbing.

Our guides have climbed here for years and they know every crag like the back of their hand. They can accompany you to the right crag that suits you at the right moment.

The Società guide Alpine Finale  has organized climbing trips for people of all nations and they are able to provide you with a guiding service most appropriate for you.

Finale Ligure, climbing capital!

Almost 50 years ago climbing in Finale started at  Monte Cucco, which has a variety of internationally known sectors: Monte SordoBric Scimarco, Rocca di CornoBastionata di BoragniRian CorneiRocca di Perti  and many more.

A piece of world climbing history was written here!

The limestone rock is beautiful and particular, drop formations, holes, tufas, always very technical.

The constant discovery of new climbing sectors  has resulted in more than 3000 routes with lots of different climbing styles and a broad spectrum of grades thereby meeting the requirements of all types of climbers of all levels from beginner to expert.   In the last couple of years a number of new sectors were bolted with medium to low grades very suitable for beginners ideal for climbing courses of every type.

Almost 200 crags are located in relatively unknown valleys unique for their natural beauty and the geomorphological formations.

Climbing is in total symbiosis with the surrounding environment which is still practically uncontaminated , lots of crags are like real hidden gems  and Finale is always as full of suprises as its routes!

Climbing with the Società Guide Alpine Finale 

You have never climbed but you would like to try? You have always climbed indoors and you would like to try to climb outdoors? Or you already  a climber but you would like have some advice on how to improve your technique? 

Our vertical experience at the crag are for everybody, Finale has so many climbing from the easiest to the most difficult routes  

We, the Società Guide Alpine Finale, can let you discover the most inviting places at Finale, to create together your unique vertical experience.

DIFFICULTY: very varied from very easy to very difficult, depending on the choice of the climbing sector

DURATION:  it can take all day or only a couple of hours, depending on the vertical experience choosen

SVILUPPO: è variabile, dai 15 ai 40 m

WHEN: climbing in Finale is possible all year round choosing the right direct exposure to sunlight

Included in the total cost:

–   ALPINE GUIDE: accompanied by a UIAGM alpine guide.

– EQUIPMENT: use of necessary personal and group equipment (climbing shoes, harness, helmet, etc.).

– INSURANCE: insurance cover.

– TRANSPORT: transfer from Finalborgo to the course destination ( up to 4 people) .

LOCATION: the teaching crags are usually either based around Finale, Albenga or Toirano but also in other locations depending on the necessities.



We organize climbing days for children in which we a unique adventure, compelling and formative for young climbers that can climb on crags equipped and adapted to their ags, step by step supervised by a UIAGM certfied alpine guide from the Società Guide Alpine Finale.



 35,00 per child, for 5 children

for smaller or bigger groups ask for an estimate.

Including equipment, guidance by a certified UIAGM alpine guide and insurance cover

DIFFICOLTA’: l’attività risulta molto semplice, sempre studiata con scrupolo in base all’età dei partecipanti. Questa particolare attenzione alla location rende quest’esperienza adatta a tutti i piccoli arrampicatori.

DURATA: l’attività ha una durata di mezza giornata

SVILUPPO: dai 10 ai 20m ‘

PERIODO: a finale è possibile arrampicare tutto l’anno scegliendo l’esposizione giusta della parete


Vertical Experiences