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Our work with Società Guide Alpine Finale is based on adventure, every day represents a discovery and something magnificent, something unforgettable, because the nature in which we are immersed and the activities with which we live it are intense, they are strong and demanding.

Travel is an activity that fits perfectly with our philosophy of seeking adventure and a desire for discovery, so we propose, thanks to the collaboration with some expert tour operators, many travel ideas around the world, with a common theme: travel for outdoor sports!


with Kailas Viaggi

A splendid and sunny environment, that tastes like a holiday, but with nothing for granted! You will discover the cliffs of Sardinia, immersed in the typical Mediterranean vegetation of these places, with wild landscapes and often overlooking the sea!

It will therefore be sea, typical cuisine, splendid places and above all a lot, but just so much rock to climb!

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with Kailas Viaggi

A real mix of adventure between climbing, trekking, via ferrata and much more!

We offer trips of discovery and emotions with the guides of the Società Guide Alpine Finale!

Our adventure trips are designed for active people full of energy and a desire to explore, discover and try unique outdoor activities and why not even a little adrenaline! It will be a unique journey away from the usual itineraries, to climb and visit surprising places without neglecting the local culture and landscapes.

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Climbing trip in the mountains of the High Atlas to discover the landscapes, the oases and the castles of the desert and climb to the Gorges of Todra, the “Grand Canyon” of Morocco. The journey is accompanied by an Alpine Guide who follows the participants in the climb but at the same time will introduce them to the geology and environment of this fascinating and majestic place. The itinerary, designed specifically for rock climbing enthusiasts, also leaves room for digressions on foot in the oases and on mountain trails. If you want you can extend the journey by 1 day to enjoy Marrakech life to the full or to reach the desert and sleep a night at the Merzouga dunes.


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It is said to be the most beautiful trekking in Europe, certainly it is among the known ones. It is also renowned for being difficult due to orientation and technical features. In this our guides play an important role, since they take care of everything, both from the point of view of security and logistical organization, leaving customers to enjoy adventure and the landscape as their only task.


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We organize trips in our fantastic territory!

An experience to savor the air of adventure of this area so loved by outdoor sports enthusiasts!

The mystery of the ciappi
Climbing on the sea
Adventure path and visit to the oil mill of Calvisio il Magnone with tasting of the products
The crystal clear sea of the western riviera / Visit to the Toirano caves / Visit to the archaeological museum of Finalborgo.

Endless possibilities …

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