The most famous Alta Via of the Dolomites! The first created, the number 1


Five days of walking at high altitude at the beginning of the summer season. In this way we will be able to better appreciate the beauty of the places we will cross and nature in its maximum splendour.

The classic Alta Via itinerary starts at Lake Braies and ends in Belluno after about 125 km and 12 days. We propose a first part, 5 days starting at Lake Braies and ending in the Cortina d’Ampezzo area.
We will always try to propose variations or extra-itinerary climbs!


First day:
Departure from Lake Braies which we will reach with public transport from Cortina d’Ampezzo to facilitate the recovery of the cars upon return.
From the lake we will climb to the bottom of Croda del Becco to reach the Biella hutat an altitude of 2327 meters at the end of the day
Elevation gain: 900 meters and a length of about 7 km
(possibility to climb to Croda del Becco at 2810 meters for those who wish)

Second day:
From the Biella hut to the Fanes hut in the Fanese-Senes-Braies Natural Park
A slightly longer but gentler stage that will take us inside the Dolomites surrounded by prestigious and spectacular peaks.
Difference in altitude: about 600 meters uphill and 800 downhill and development of 14 km

Third day:
From the Fanes hut to the Lagazuoi refuge to reach one of the most beautiful panoramic balconies in the Dolomites, above the Falzarego Pass, with Tofane, 5 Torri and Marmolada exactly in the foreground in front of us.
Difference in height: 1000 meters uphill and 400 downhill with a development of about 11 km

Fourth day:
From Lagazuoi to the Nuvolau refuge to reach the oldest refuge in the Dolomites, perched on the most panoramic hilltop imaginable over the entire Cortina d’Ampezzo basin and beyond.
Difference in altitude: 600 meters uphill and 800 downhill in an 11 km route

Fifth day:
From the Nuvolau hutto the Croda da lago and descent towards Cortina d’Ampezzo
The last stage involves crossing the Giau Pass and then entering the Mondeval meadows, going around the Croda da Lago and descending towards Cortina d’Ampezzo to conclude our trek.
Difference in altitude: 300 meters uphill and 1000 downhill with a development of approximately 15 k

Difficulty level: medium-demanding;
Technically the paths are quite easy and do not have exposed or difficult sections. However, a good level of training in walking in the mountains is required to face the proposed stages.

The service includes the guide for the 5 day excursion
Guide cost for the five days: €280/person

The cost does not include board and lodging in the shelters and the
any other expenses for meals, transport, etc.

A deposit of €120 is required to confirm the booking.

To book you can fill out the form on this page or contact us directly:

Excursion organized and managed in collaboration with Dolomiti Beat and Società Guide Finale (Liguria)

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