Themed excursions

Three outings in which some particularly important issues will be addressed for those who frequent the mountains! They will all be excursions, so the various themes will be addressed directly on the field in a completely practical way!

Touching is always the most efficient way to learn!


Use of the map and compass during the excursion:

  1. What is the compass for and how does it work
  2. Reading and using the card (legend, isoipse, coordinates …)
  3. Orient a card
  4. Point with the compass (azimuth, achievement of a goal, technique of false purpose …)
  5. Triangular with compass

Destination: Finale Ligure’s area

Duration:  4 hours

Drop +  300 m

Starting time 9.30


Use of GPS

  1. How GPS works
  2. Import and export a track
  3. GPS or Application on the phone
  4. Why it matters and when to use it
  5. For this release it will be necessary to make an initial briefing hour to show the import and export of a track from the computer.

Destination: Monte Alto, Colla San Giacomo

Duration:  4 hours

Drop +  300 m

Starting time 9.30


Observation in the mountains and in general on excursions can be the beginning of a deep journey of personal growth. Linger on what you don’t know can give rise to a continuous research that will give inspiration to your future excursions, and you will walk not only for the pleasure of walking in itself, but also for the desire to know and discover …

  1. Flora and fauna, ideas for learning about
  2. Geology, ideas for learning about
  3. Connections between the two sciences

Destination: Marguareis, Alpi Liguri

Duration: 2 days

Drop +  1300 m (during 2 days)

Starting time 9.30



First trek: 15 euro 

Second trek 15 euro

Third trek: 40  euro 

Departure: the places of departure will be indicated when the booking is completed

For participation, reservations are required 


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