Selvaggio Blu

What is selvaggio blu?


Certainly it is among the known ones. It is also renowned for being difficult due to orientation and technical features. In this our guides play an important role, since they take care of everything, both from the point of view of security and logistical organization, leaving customers to enjoy adventure and the landscape as their only task.

It takes place on a stretch of coast in the Supramonte of Baunei which for about a hundred kilometers develops intact and totally unspoiled. Here you always feel the feeling of being the first to cross these beautiful places. It is precisely this aspect that makes Selvaggio Blu unique in its kind.


It was born in the 80s thanks to the brilliant idea of Mario Verin, Peppino Cicalò and the mountain guide Marcello Cominetti. Together they thought of joining sections of the paths used by shepherds with others belonging to the network of ancient mule drivers of the coal miners of the 19th century, who were left for long periods on these fantastic but inaccessible and wild coasts.

Still now there are the remains of the ancient charcoal burners and the characteristic “iscalas fustes” built by shepherds to make goats pass on otherwise unsurpassed sections of the path.

The original itinerary starts from Pedra Longa and arrives in Cala Sisine, passing through the most beautiful beaches in this area, including Cala Goloritze, Cala Mariolu, Cala Biriola, characterized by unspoiled landscapes.

Ultimately, in addition to the original version, several alternatives were born that make this trekking even more interesting and versatile. We offer some of them.

Original version with departure from santa maria navarrese:

The first stage is slightly extended but it makes the itinerary more complete and interesting.

Version divided in two parts:

The trekking can be divided into two parts that can be traveled over at different times of the year and interchangeable with each other. This solution gives the possibility, for those who do not have enough time for the integral version, to split the trekking into two distinct parts, which can be carried out in subsequent periods.

Extreme version:

The last born and also the most demanding from a technical point of view.

It starts from Cala Goloritze and, along the cliff near the beach, crosses suspended paths over the sea and a spectacular ferrata, leads to Cala Mariolu, and from here to Bacu Modaloru and the Grotta del Fico. Then it connects to the classic version through another aerial via ferrata or a series of intercommunicating caves. Compared to classic trekking, this version can still offer a dizzying 50 m spider’s drop that leads directly to the fantastic beach of Cala Biriola.

Family version:

It is a facilitated edition designed for families with children. A 3-day reduced route with two bivouacs for families who want to get a taste of this fantastic trek. Sleeping under the stars in unparalleled beauty is an experience that will always remain in mind especially for the little ones.